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“Dont get a rabbit or a hamster. Youll just cry and get sick . Ill buy you lovebirds instead”
Me: haha dad like thats going to help.
Dad: ” They live longer”

*I cry for the whole day and get sick for a week. My Immune is not that strong as I would like it to be*

Dad Thank you for reminding us everynight how much you love us and if we prayed together haha. You call every 2 seconds and sometimes its annoying but your phone calls are most welcome especially when you leave me songs in the voicemail. Thank You for being patient with me, especially when i throw tantrums. I love talking to you about learning, growing and just life in general. Your my inspiration and My Hero. Your the reason why I have faith in God and why I believe I can reach for greater heights ♥

by omissdominique

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